We are Parrese! A family run business, with 3 main visions for our brand. In no particular order, they are: Value, Great customer journey & Quality products. 

It sounds cliche for sure but we live by these tenants everyday! We strive to provide the type of service that would make you want to recommend us to a friend. A complete customer journey that from start to finish is truly a delight!

All our products are carefully sourced, we endeavour to provide good quality items at fair prices

At the end of the day we want you to feel your whole experience with us was valuable & worthwhile. We'll always stay committed to this vision, to create a brand everyone loves!

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Our Story

We created this site in 2017 with an emphasis on personalised kids clothing, gifts, accessories among other things. However we have also branched out into wholesale production. So from local business uniforms to clubs & centres, we provide products for brand!

Who really knows where life will take you once you make a decision, but you stick to it hoping for the best. Our first business was essentially blinged goods only. We used to bling anything and everything from shoes to prams, jackets & bottles. Eventually we purchased our first heat press to move into the next phase of our business.

We are a family unit but we work with speed and precision. As you can see we've been evolving from the beginning, which will continue in the future! Every day our business is expanding, although we're not entirely sure where the next few years will take us, we are excited about the future of our brand

Every purchase you make encourages us to continue in our vision, moving us further along the road to establishing this brand that we believe you'll love!

p.s If you notice a lot of pink & green it's because those are our favourite colours!

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